Hurricane Harvey

We have been witnessing loss of lives, destruction of properties, and disruptions in the highest proportions in the last few days. As we did for Katrina it’s our responsibility to act. Watching people from across the nation driving to Texas hauling boats and meals and emergency packs to rescue victims. Not all of us can do that, but the needs and challenges are just starting for texans. Once the rain stops and the waters everywhere resides, then comes the rebuilding. People have lost everything and they will need our support no matter how small. If you have not been planning on what to do, there are various charity organizations you can select to donate to. Meanwhile, ¬†as we did in 2005 TOIOG is asking for donations through our website. Please send comments and suggestions to the executives through this blog.


The Osun Indigenes Organisation (TOIOG) was established to foster relationship between the Osun Indigenes and Nigerians in the diaspora, and to promote cultural, social political heritage and provide economic empowerment to our people. Since its inception, TOIOG has been an avenue of support to many groups and individuals. We collaborate with other organizations in providing a network of information that would benefit citizens.

TOIOG has members in the Washington Metropolitan area, New York, New Jersey, Canada, Georgia, Taiwan and Nigeria. Membership is opened to all indigenes of old Osun Province. These are the people who have not had the privilege of adequate manpower development, and who are less represented in most government plans and decisions. The people who belong to the Osun organization utilize their meeting as the common ground to discuss and resolve issues affecting citizens across the world and carry out visions for future generations across the globe. These attributes of TOIOG continue to influence individuals, organizations and government agencies. With the renewed efforts of members to care for others in need and share with others, the organization will continue to lead in project plans and execution to uplift the spirit of our children to face the future challenges.

In a move towards the enrichment of the struggling generation back home, TOIOG has donated computers, printer, copier and medical equipments to schools, clinics and hospitals, farmers, library. We have scholarship programs for Osun students.

All Osun Indigenes are urged to join this peace loving, organization. Membership and other information can be obtained from the General Secretary at PO Box 3093 Hyattsville, MD 20784